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  • GameZero - Batman Returns- Criminals and psychopaths beware as Batman Returns comes to the Atari Lynx. Based on the hit movie, this side-scrolling action title pits you as the caped crusader himself, battling your way through four dark and devious levels of Gotham city. Batman must confront the Penguin, Catwoman, the Red Triangle Gang, and more in the ultimate challenge. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2592)
  • GameZero - Battlewheels- Battle Wheels is a pretty straightforward 3-D shoot-em-up set in the riotous future where the pass-time is getting into a souped up car and blasting the crap out of your rivals in a 3-D arena. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2257)
  • GameZero - Checkered Flag- Checkered Flag is a new racing simulation for the Atari Lynx. Choose from many different tracks, situations, and car colors in this realistic title. Up to six players can link up for simultaneous race excitment. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2276)
  • GameZero - Chips Challenge- Chip's Challenge has kind of a kooky premise, but don't let that stop you from picking up this brilliant puzzler for the Lynx. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2216)
  • GameZero - Crystal Mines 2- I am not the least imaginative gameplayer, I think (I hope), yet Crystal Mines 2 continues to baffle me. I am stuck around level 12. After the first few puzzles the difficulty rises so fast that after spending hours on one level I feel almost as if I have discovered the secret to cold fusion (yeah... I didn't have the research notes... it was the one-armed man!) (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2168)
  • GameZero - Dinolympics- In this new game from Atari players must help their tribe become civilized. Players start by discovering fire and the spear and move from there. Help your cavemen reach civilization in this puzzle/strategy game for the Atari Lynx. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2176)
  • GameZero - Dracula the Undead- Dracula, The Undead is a graphic adventure for play on the Atari Lynx. Based on the Brahm Stoker novel, you play the role of Jonathan Harker, a young solicitor. As Jonathan, you must unravel the mystery of Count Dracula--and avoid a grisly death! (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2344)
  • GameZero - Gordo 106- Help Gordo the monkey escape evil scientists and rescue his furry friends in this side scrolling platform game for the Atari Lynx. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2043)
  • GameZero - Hydra- Another arcade smash is available now on the Atari Lynx. In Hydra, pilot a lightning-fast speed boat down rivers filled with obstacles, enemies, and bonuses. Don't forget to keep your fuel tank full and don't give up because those supplies must arrive safely everyone's counting on YOU! (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2187)
  • GameZero - Joust- An arcade classic comes home with Joust, for the Atari Lynx. Challenge other knights and warriors on your winged mount. Think fast, fly high, and catch those eggs before they hatch or you'll be all cracked up in this exciting side-view action game. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2246)
  • GameZero - NFL Football- AHHH, guht, ughh, moan... Wow!!! NFL Football for the Atari Lynx sure is lifelike. Right down to the referee coming on and screaming "Touchdown"... err, or was that "Interception." NFL is loads of fun, and will keep any sports fan busy for some time. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2211)
  • GameZero - Pit Fighter- Hand to hand combat comes straight from the arcade to you in Pit Fighter for the Atari Lynx. Digitized graphics highlight this fighting favorite. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2284)
  • GameZero - Power Factor- The Lynx is far from vanishing according to Atari--let's hope they are right. They will be if they can keep coming out with new games that the current owners will like. Power Factor is another title that will help keep the Lynx afloat. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2104)
  • GameZero - Robotron 2084- I haven't seen Robotron in the arcade for over six years now, but Robotron 2084 for the Lynx seems to me about as authentic as they come. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2172)
  • GameZero - Shadow of the Beast- An evil mage has transformed you into a hideous beast in Shadow of the Beast, by Psygnosis. Exact your revenge and restore the world to order in this side-scrolling action game for the Atari Lynx. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2231)
  • GameZero - Steel Talons- Based on the arcade cabinet title, Steel Talons is a helicopter flight game for play on the Atari Lynx. Players must strategically take out enemies in order to fullfill ammunition, time, and fuel restictions. A variety of different style missions challenge both player's evasive techniques, as well as their dexterity and flying skill. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2214)
  • GameZero - Switchblade 2- The evil Ninja Lord Havok has returned to conquer the land and only you, Hiro, can stop him. Many dangers await you in this side-scrolling action game for the Atari Lynx. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2175)
  • GameZero - Toki- A young warrior must set out to rescue his beloved in Toki for the Atari Lynx. But, to make things harder, he has been transformed into an ape! Fight to the end of this wacky side-scrolling action title, or be trapped, a lonely ape forever! (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2308)
  • GameZero - Xybots- The Atari Lynx once again brings the arcade home with XYBots. Fight through complicated mazes and fierce enemies in this player's perspective, forward-view action maze game. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2179)
  • Mannens emu page- Here you will find some lynx games and Handy. Will add more games all the time. (Added: 1-Aug-2002, Hits: 2269)

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