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  • Atari Jaguar Top 50- Jaguar Top 50, where you can post your high scores for your favorite Jaguar games, and compete to be player of the month. Also links to 2600, 7800, and Lynx Top 50 pages. (Added: 14-Mar-1999, Hits: 4436)
  • GameZero - Aliens vs. Predator- This game has taken a long time to come out, however it was definitely worth the wait. I couldn't believe this game was on a cartridge -- the graphics were excellent. There really was no music in the game, which for some might be a downer, however I thought it added to the suspense of the game. There's nothing like a whispered "Come on" from the Predator to send a shiver down your spine... (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 3526)
  • GameZero - Atari Karts- Well what can I say?... let's see... I recommend you skip this one, and go get Super Mario Kart (SNES) instead. In fact, you could probably buy both the game and the console used for the price of Atari Karts new! (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2642)
  • GameZero - Battlemorph- The Pernitian Empire has been driven out of human space and now they're back for revenge. This time it's war! Face a new force of enemies, worlds, weapons and puzzles, only on the Jaguar CD. Only you can meet them head on in Battlemorph from Atari. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2254)
  • GameZero - Blue Lightning- Based on the Lynx classic, Blue Lightning makes its debut on the big screen as one of the first titles for the Jaguar CD. Combat enemy jets, tanks, and helicopters as you fly both surface and air missions. Additions to the original include pre-rendered cinemas and the option to customize your pilot and plane, all the way down to your own selection of wing and tail art. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2311)
  • GameZero - Cybermorph- If first impressions meant that much, this game would be sitting next to the sprinkler in my front yard. Luckily I spent a few hours in front of this brilliant game and fell in love with it. No, technically it is not especially impressive, to say the least. What it does have, though, is something that many game companies have forgotten in the age of flashy FMV and liscensed characters; it has unbelievable depth and gameplay, not to mention the sheer length of the game itself. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2297)
  • GameZero - Defender 2000- Llamasoft (Jeff Minter) pushes an arcade classic to its limits in Defender 2000 for the Jaguar in three exciting ways of play. "Defender Classic" features the arcade hit of the early eighties, "Defender Plus" displays mesmerizing colors with the option of droid fighters, and "Defender 2000" presents the ultimate challenge, with more colors, power-ups, and two levels of skill. Only you can save the humanoids from the alien invaders. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2559)
  • GameZero - Doom- A direct translation of the hit PC game, Doom is now available for the Atari Jaguar. Play as a marine trapped in a terrifying hell filled with vicious demons, dark corridors and unpleasant surprises. Two players (with separate consoles) can play cooperatively or in a head-to-head deathmatch in this players-perspective action game. Fight to survive, if you dare. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2603)
  • GameZero - Flashback- This game broke ground on the Genesis, however the Jaguar version is almost exactly like it except for a couple of small changes. The music has been tweaked up a bit, there are a few more cinemas, and the smoothness of your character's movements are even better. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2245)
  • GameZero - Flip Out- You have entered into the tile flipping festival competition, run by the people of the Cheese Planet. Eventually you must challenge King Fluffy for the title of master tile flipper in this 3-D puzzle title. Match the colored tiles to their underlying blocks to win; on higher levels, match everything from bouncing colored aliens to the president's profiles on Mount Rushmore. Flip Out is available now on the Atari Jaguar. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2119)
  • GameZero - Hover Strike Unconquered Lands- Terrakian Pirates have taken over a distant planet. You, fearing the worst for missing colonists, launch a strike against the pirates flying a state-of-the-art armored hovercraft. Save the colony before it's too late in Hover Strike: Unconquered Lands from Atari for the Jaguar CD. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2133)
  • GameZero - Iron Soldier- Absolutely the best mech simulator for a home console in my honest opinion. Perfect play control, a good story, excellent graphics that move smoothly in real-time. I just can't say enough about this title. If you own a Jag, this is one of the games you should seriously consider adding to your library. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2306)
  • GameZero - Missile Command 3D- Atari's Missile Command 3-D brings the excitement home for your Jaguar console like never before. Step up to the challenge of the "Original Missile Command" straight from the arcade, or try your hand at the enhanced "3-D Missile Command" or "Virtual Missile Command" games. Which ever game you select, your wits and dexterity will be put to the test. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2328)
  • GameZero - Pitfall The Mayan Adventure- The 16-bit follow-up to the classic Activision series, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure places you in the depths of the South American rain forest in your quest for treasures. Who knows, maybe you'll even find the original Atari 2600 Pitfall along the way. This game is for play on the Atari Jaguar. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2301)
  • GameZero - Rayman- The Evil Mr. Dark has stolen the Great Protoon and scattered its orbiting Electoons across the land. It is your job to collect all of the Electoons, and with the ongoing help of Betilla the Fairy, regain the Great Protoon and return harmony to the world. Rayman is out now for the Atari Jaguar by UbiSoft. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2376)
  • GameZero - Ruiner Pinball- Ruiner is the type of game I have come to expect from Atari: an embarassment. I could have forgiven the horrendous graphics and awful "music" if it actually played a good game of pinball, however it did not. Ruiner totally sucked. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2118)
  • GameZero - Super Burnout- If you liked the arcade version of this game then you will love the Jaguar version. The graphics are large and very smooth in movement. The sound effects needed a little work, but the voice samples were crystal clear. The handling can be very good or very lousy depending on the type of bike you choose. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2192)
  • GameZero - Supercross 3D- Motocross comes home to the Jaguar in this new off-road motorcycle racing game. Choose from a number of courses and bikes, or play the full circuit. Supercross 3-D is brought to you by Tierex Limited. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 2110)
  • GameZero - Syndicate- One of the greatest action/strategy games of all time has made it to the Jag! This version of Syndicate is almost a carbon-copy of the original. The only difference between the two is that the Jaguar version doesn't have any of the cool animations that were on the PC version, and that is where the differences end. (Added: 21-Sep-1998, Hits: 1896)

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