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Have to use Windows95 at work? (or maybe home!) and feel like spicing it up. Then give it the Atari touch with these fun little boot-up screens, cursors and more.

bee-cursors - this zip file contains no less than 9 cursors for use in Microsoft Windows covering everything from busy, to working to selection cursors. All feature that great little GEM bee! (3k ZIP file)

Boot Up Screen - a logo.sys file (copy it into your boot drive) that gets rid of the Windows logo and gives you a gorgeous Atari logo instead! The way it should be. (35k ZIP file)

Atari 2600 icons - Atari 2600 icons for Windows by Diego Fraga. Includes some of the favourites like Dig Dug, Fastfood and Frogger (3k ZIP file)

LGD Bootsector Installer - This tiny EXE is used to replace the bootsector on a PaCifiST / WinSTon disk image. It inserts a PaCifiST friendly modified version of Medway 3. Essential if you have lots of disk images! (15k EXE file)

Atari Image Viewer - This program will let you view NEO, PI1, PI2, PI3, SPU, PC1 and more Atari ST image files on a Windows based PC (429k ZIP file)

Did He Say Amiga? - This is a great and tiny GIF file from the start of a famous Atari ST mega demo (3k GIF file)

ST Icons - A bunch of great Atari and Atari ST related icons for use in Windows. Includes small Atari's, bee pictures and the Atari logo! (5k ZIP file)

All files are located on our FTP server. You can click the link above, or if that fails use your favourite ftp program and go to : and look in the /pub/toys/ directory.


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