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Open BeOS for Atari Falcon?
By Joshua Kaijankoski on 2002-07-15

This following excerpt is from the Open BeOS project website. It would be interesting if it actually made it for the Falcon.


What platform(s) is the OpenBeOS targeted to run on?

R1 will very likely be x86 only. Compatibility with other hardware platforms mostly depends on porting the kernel and writing the drivers. Much of the rest of the OS can simply be recompiled for any new platforms.

Besides x86, Travis has NewOS running on Dreamcast with planned ports for:

iMac -- G3-/G4-based Apple products

SGI Indy -- MIPS R5000-based Indy in 32- and 64-bit mode (in progress, boots)

Sun Blade 100 -- UltraSPARC IIe in 64-bit mode

DEC Multia -- Alpha

Amiga 3000 -- M68030

Atari Falcon -- M68030

It will mostly be up to the community as to whether or not OpenBeOS will run on these platforms -- volunteers writing OBOS drivers will be a major factor.


Category: 16/32 (ST, STE, Falcon ...)
Category: 16/32 (ST, STE, Falcon ...)


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