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Hasbro Eliminates Atari Website
By Robbie Otal on 2000-11-30

Well folks, it seems that it has finally happened. The folks over at Hasbro Interactive have decided to eliminate the official Atari website located at

Hasbro had already left the official online entity of Atari with just a measly subdomain shortly after Hasbro took over Atari in 1998 (ultimately changing the official Atari website with the purchase).

The elimination of the official Atari website has also indirectly wiped out the Atari-based message boards that once allowed fans of the gaming company to speak out about Atari's games, its history and its future.

This may all be part of a plan to eventually rid the gaming world of the Atari name forever, by merging it into the infrastructure that is Hasbro Interactive.

I plan to place up a protest page online in due time in order to get the word out about this situation. I will be placing further details about this and other events to come at

Feel free to contact me at if you wish to assist in this future protest. Thanks for your time.



Category: Consoles (2600, Lynx, Jag ...)
Category: Consoles (2600, Lynx, Jag ...)


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