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SIMONE Released for the Atari Jaguar CD!

Atari console available as a digital collectable

AI learns to play original Atari 2600 games

JOY - a new Falcon030 demo from New Beat

Last Party 2017 - 20th anniversary Competition

Chipmunk serial number website

Worms released for Falcon060

New Game for Atari Jagur - Custodian - by Piko Interactive

Nemesis Indicator version 2.0 released!


Reboot releases a new Jaguar game: Degz

Suska release new ACSI-SCSI adapter board

Atari SAP Music Archive (ASMA) Update 3.6

ATARI landfill dump site to be excavated!

CosmosEx - new device for your Atari ST

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Last Party 2017 - 20th anniversary Competition
By Vasco/Tristesse on 2017-11-12

Traditionally we'll have a graphic, music, demo, intro compos for the Atari XL/XE as well as wild compo. Entries can be sent to - we'll confirm each entry so if you haven't heard from us for three days, please contact us again. Ideally we'd like to get them by the 27th of December.

We accept remote entries.

Visitors and people with supporter tickets can vote.

We expect prizes for the winners - for example a winner of the demo compo will get 500 PLN!



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Category: Events (User Groups, Magazines ...)


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