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  • -Atari iratA-- Information about the modern operating system MiNT for Atari computers. Review of programs and applications for Atari computers. History of TOS. Useful links. (Added: 6-Jul-2002, Hits: 3816)
  • Dbug's Atari stuff- Some demoes and tools to download. Some archives with complete source code. (Added: 10-Aug-1999, Hits: 4510)
  • GokMasE´s Atari Page- Homepage for AtarICQ, Atari Icon Library and hEARCoach (Added: 3-Jan-2001, Hits: 4892)
  • Home of Hotline/Elite & Elitendo- Nostalgia site of Hotline on various platforms, including Atari ST Downloads of old games, interviews, pictures, intro's and more. (Added: 16-Oct-1998, Hits: 5050)
  • HTML2TXT- HTML2TXT converts HTML files to plain ASCII text files. (Added: 5-Mar-1999, Hits: 2604)
  • KAOSconf.cpx incl. Pure C Source- [GERMAN]Konfiguration-CPX for KAOS-TOS >= 1.4, MagiC, MagiC-PC and MagiC-MAC. Setting of path checking or Floppy background DMA, Fastload, TOS compatibility, Grow- and shrink-boxes, Wait after TOS programs and Pulldown menus. Including Pure C sourcefiles. (c) 1992 Michael Schroeter. (Added: 7-Jun-2005, Hits: 2307)
  • Kunst macht Druck, german poster galery - all Calamus SL made- Hi, I am doing grafics with Calamus SL on Magic Mac X. My artwork can be seen online now. I did wrote some artikels for MyAtari.net about grafics too. The stuff is in german, but all Artwork was done with AvantvektorPro & Calamus ST (exported as PDF & imported with Photoshop) (Added: 11-Jul-2006, Hits: 2326)
  • LST of Laserforce's website- LST's website contains programs to download, articles, technical documents, music modules, services and many more! Most pages are in french, but a few documents are in english. (Added: 25-Sep-2001, Hits: 3052)
  • media- Media: Movies Pictures MP3s and more! (Added: 28-Mar-2000, Hits: 2898)
  • My Atari ST stuff- This page contains things I wrote for the Atari. Like; my MSX emulator, my graphics converter 'StaDegas', etc. (Added: 5-Jun-2000, Hits: 3844)
  • Niclas' Atari Page- Unit Seventeen and TKT information plus some links. Also some "Blipp Blopper" info... (Added: 3-Feb-2003, Hits: 3167)
  • Probehouse Software- Probe House Software is not a company. It's just a name I choose to release my software for the Atari. Writing software on my Falcon is my hobby! (Added: 7-Nov-2005, Hits: 2180)
  • STEqualizer- Cool GEM program used to control the microwire interface. Atari STE, Mega STE or TT required. (Added: 5-Mar-1999, Hits: 3012)
  • The Atari ST Quick FAQ- This 'Quick' FAQ was initially intended to be a small list of resources made to avoid comp.sys.atari.st newcomers asking the same questions over and over again. However, as the project progressed, and other members of the Atari community became involved, it simply became bigger and bigger. (Added: 26-Sep-1998, Hits: 5559)
  • The Pompey Pirates- This is a tribute site dedicated to the Pompey Pirates. Although some might find their activities questionable, there is no doubt that there were much a part of the ST scene as anyone else. This site contains information about them, a screen shot from each of their classic menu disks and other bits of information. (Added: 2-Feb-1999, Hits: 4990)
  • The Thalion Source- A german fansite about Thalion containing reviews, articles, pictures... (Added: 24-Sep-1999, Hits: 2976)
  • XAIRON- The official homepage of XAIRON the organizer for TOS kompatible systems. (Added: 11-Dec-2000, Hits: 2865)
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