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The Atari ST Quick FAQ - Version 2.9a - 1999-09-28


1. General Information

1.1 What is this Atari ST thing ?
1.2 What kind of monitor can I use ?
1.3 How do I get it to boot up ?
1.4 Emulators
1.5 Will the Y2K bug affect my Atari ?

2. Software

2.1 Where can I get W@r3Z for my ST ?
2.2 Where can I get regular software?
2.3 What application software is available for Atari ?
2.4 Can I upgrade my operating system ?

3. Hardware

3.1 How can I upgrade memory in my Atari ?
3.2 How can I connect a hard disk drive to my ST ?
3.3 Floppy drives
3.4 Mouse and keyboard
3.5 What about printers ?
3.6 The Universal 4 Inch Drop Fix(tm)
3.7 Schematics and Connector Pinouts

4. Communication

4.1 How can I transfer files between an ST and another computer ?
4.2 How can I get on the Internet ?
4.3 Where are those nifty Atari Web pages ?


This 'Quick' FAQ was initially intended to be a small list of resources made to avoid newcomers asking the same questions over and over again. However, as the project progressed, and other members of the Atari community became involved, it simply became bigger and bigger. I doubt it really deserves to be called 'quick' any more, but hopefully it will still serve it's original purpose.

Oh, and for the real net.newbies, 'FAQ' stands for 'Frequently Asked Questions'. ;-) (and that's a smiley!)

If any of your questions do not find an answer in here, please direct them to the newsgroup instead of me. I'll be willing to answer them myself, but if I didn't put it in the FAQ, I probably don't know. Any comments regarding the FAQ itself however (corrections, additions, comments, requests or total contradictions) are absolutely welcome. I'll be quite happy to correct any omissions or errors or to add sections that might be necessary (as soon as I find the time).

Topics that are not covered in this FAQ might also be found in the older, larger but apparently no longer maintained FAQs:

I would also like to point out that this page is deliberately not graphic intensive in order to allow the simplest HTML browsers to access it. It should come out fine with Lynx, CAB, Adamas and WenSuite, and maybe won't even crash Netscrape and Internet Exploder. If there is any problem with your particular browser, let me know.


Well, it definitely looks like you've already found it. However there have been several distributions of this document, and not all of them are the latest up to date documents.

To be sure to have the latest version of the Quick FAQ, please refer to:


I cannot be held responsible of any data loss, hardware damage, warranty voids, or thermonuclear warfare resulting in the application of anything described here. Nobody else can be blamed for any misuse but yourself. Any action that is described here may only be done at your own risks and perils. Whatever happens, it's not my fault.


Helpful criticism, corrections and additions helping me to create this document came from: Many thanks to all of these people. If you have contributed and I forgot to list you here, please send me an email to remind me.

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