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ATARI landfill dump site to be excavated!

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Extensive presentation on the Atari 2600

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Hatari version 1.6.2 released
By part on 2012-06-25

Hatari version 1.6.2 has been released. You can get it from

Brief changelog :

- Some fixes for overscan screen in STF/STE

- Better IKBD/ACIA compatibility

- Improved audio filters for YM2149 and DMA sound

- Several improvements in Falcon mode : DSP, CPU, MMU, FPU, videl borders

- Various fixes for FDC, SCSI, printer output, ...

- Fixes to the SDL UI, OSX UI and python UI

- Improvements to the debugger

Fixed Games :

Hammerfist (fire button)

Automation 168 - Operation Clean Streets (prefetch in the CPU emulation)

Impossible Mission II (some versions had the same prefetch issue in the CPU)

Hades Nebula (fire button)

Zombi (IKBD set-clock was missing)

Fixed demos :

Built-in Obsolescence (DSP stack overflow)

Japtro and Rising Force by Holocaust (FDC, buggy loader)

Delirious Demos IV (video, STE detection)

Antiques by Dune/Sector One (224 bytes STE overscan)

The Wave Of the Future by ICE (STE flickering top border)

Electrocution I by Sphere on Stax Menu 66 (STE flickering bottom border)

Musical Wonders 1990 by Offbeat (video, bottom border not removed)



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Category: Emulators (WinSTon, Handy ...)


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