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New zView build available
By Miro Kropacek on 2011-11-13

MiKro has made a new build of zView available.

It\'s mainly a bugfix release (after 6 years!), and now you should
be able to run zView under FreeMiNT with memory protection.

Another piece of good news is that as soon as FireBee is released, the
build for this CPU will not be a problem since the source code has
been cleaned up a lot.

More info in readme file in the archive.

zView is an image viewer for the Atari Falcon. It can also display
PDFs, and is licensed under the LGPL. More information on zView at
Zorro\'s zView page:



Category: 16/32 (ST, STE, Falcon ...)
Category: 16/32 (ST, STE, Falcon ...)


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