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Last Party 2017 - 20th anniversary Competition

Chipmunk serial number website

Worms released for Falcon060

New Game for Atari Jagur - Custodian - by Piko Interactive

Nemesis Indicator version 2.0 released!


Reboot releases a new Jaguar game: Degz

Suska release new ACSI-SCSI adapter board

Atari SAP Music Archive (ASMA) Update 3.6

ATARI landfill dump site to be excavated!

CosmosEx - new device for your Atari ST

Photoline has been released as freeware

Eureka 2.12 Released

Extensive presentation on the Atari 2600

ST Recover, a new ST disk utility on Windows

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Atari User Issue 12 out
By Steve on 2011-11-13

Atari User Issue 12 is here.

In Issue 12 we have an exclusive interview with Stephen Goss who helped
produce 8-bit games for Atari UK and was involved in UK company Harlequin
that signed up several big titles for the Atari XL/XE. Find out what
happened in this issue. In Robots, Pizzas & Videotape we take a look at
what happened to Nolan Bushnell after he left Atari - from the success
that was Axlon to the disaster that was Androbot.

Also this issue we look at the Atari Cosmos - a 3D gaming handheld with
its origins in the late seventies, plus we have a feature on arcade smash
Xenophobe and look at Namco arcade hits converted to the Atari ST.

Plus we look at the best and worst football games for the Atari ST, our
Game Over! series looks at unreleased Atari 2600, 5200 and 7800 games, we
review George the Computer Robot, plus lots of great reviews for the Atari
ST, Falcon, 2600, 7800, Lynx, 8-bit & Atari Jaguar.



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Category: Events (User Groups, Magazines ...)


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