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Video Game Summit 2011
By Daniel Iacovelli on 2011-07-19

Remember how much fun you used to have

playing Atari, Nintendo and all kinds of games on your computer? Well,

you will have the rare opportunity to play these great games again at

the Video Game Summit, Chicago \'s premier video game trade show. In

fact, dealers in retro games will be on hand offering games,

controllers,systems and memorabilia and will be prepared to buy or trade

for the games you have held onto since you were a kid. Who knows, you

might just have an Atari cartridge worth $1000 or more collecting dust

in your attic.

\"Retrogaming,\" the playing and collecting of classic video and computer

games, is more popular than ever.

In fact, a dedicated group of programmers still issues new games for

game systems,such as the Atari 2600, last seen in retail stores over

fifteen years ago. The Video Game Summit, now in its eighth year,

brings together classic and modern generation gamers from all over the

country to swap stories, games and to compete in sanctioned tournaments

and raffles.

The event is open to the public and people of all ages with an interest in

video games or computers are encouraged to attend. According to the

event\'s organizer, Dan Iacovelli, \"we plan to have many retro and modern

game consoles for play*.

The date of the show will be July 16th, 2011 from 11am to 6pm at The

Heron Point Convention Center,665 West North Avenue , Lombard,IL

(adjacent from the Fairfield Inn and Suites hotel)

Admission is $3.00 per person (children 12 and under with an Adult

are Free) and booths are $25.00 (a booth consist of three

2 x 5 tables 2 side tables and one front table) booth price includes

admission for two and a choice of ad size full page (8.5 by 10)

or half page(8.5 by 5),(Registration begins on Novemeber 6th,2010 at 5am)

We will once again have free Wi-Fi access.

For more information on how to register visit our registration page at: .

Interested in helping out with the show? Then join the Part time Staffer

program.if you can bring extra tv\'s,power cords or systems,let us know by

using the Form on the contact page and select \"part time staffer\" along

with the information on what you can bring and we will get back to you

(if you can\'t bring anything but still want to help let us know that as well).

Join the Video Game Summit mailing list for updates on the event


Dan Iacovelli is available to answer any questions at (708) 688-4561 or



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Category: Events (User Groups, Magazines ...)


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