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SatanDisk preorder & mXtreme cancellation
By Miro Kropacek on 2006-12-03


at first I'm happy to announce the long awaited project, SatanDisk, is ready for production. Main features:

- direct connection between ACSI and MMC/SD card slot

- plug'n'play

- about 120 KB/s transfer speed

- MMC card support (SD cards aren't supported to this time)

- HDDRIVER compatible

The prize is very low (about 35 Euro). You need to register at project homepage, login and enter your preorder. The number of preorders isn't limited in any way but in some extreme low number we have to increase the prize (and vice versa).

Don't forget SatanDisk is completely open-source based so all schematics, firmware etc is available on project homepage for your custom build.

Secondly, I want to announce the cancellation of mXtreme project since there's much better option -- PhantomS (see news on server). In fact, we're happy Petr decided to do such step since we can focus on another things (i.e. coding software for Falcons). The prize is very cool (1/3 of mXtreme), it's already done and in the end it's nearly the same as we planned mXtreme. I can only recommend you this piece of hardware!



Category: 16/32 (ST, STE, Falcon ...)
Category: 16/32 (ST, STE, Falcon ...)


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